Step 1: Design Creation:- The first thing that we need before we can begin embroidery is a design. After the customer has picked a design he or she likes it then needs to be digitized.

Step 2: Digitizing:- Once we have approved artwork the design needs to be digitized. Digitizing is a special process that converts a design into computer commands that the embroidery machine reads and uses to stitch out the design.

Step 3: Machine Set-up:- After the design is digitized and we are ready to run the embroidery job, the design information is loaded into the embroidery machines computer. Once the design is loaded, the thread colors are picked and we sew out a sample swatch in order to determine the acceptability of the digitized design.

Step 4: Embroider:- If everything with the design swatch is acceptable we run the embroidery job. After the garments are embroidered all stray threads are trimmed and the garments are boxed and ready for delivery to our customer.

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